Smart & Stylish

A conceptual model is used in the demonstration movie
Demo movie filmed with the cooperation of Montbell.

Smart & Stylish

Our team started with a keyword of "Smart" for this idea. Using a smartphone, open app within a distance of 90ft/30m from the roof box.
The roof box then electrically opens on whichever side you desire, right or left, through its custom-made, built-in dampers.
Its electric power source is stored in the roof box body, and the electric power is charged up by the solar panels embedded in the roof.
No wire is connected to the vehicle, so the roof box looks smart and clean.
Now, through our INNOvative design, technology, and a series of wind tunnel experiments,
we have further polished up this idea to offer a new roof box system that is not only "Smart", but also "Stylish".

Point // 01
Point // 01Point // 01

Demo movie filmed with the cooperation of Montbell.

Point // 01Point // 01

Car Mate was founded in 1965, when car manufacturers didn't have a headrest (head restraint) equipped in their cars.
It was no other than Car Mate who manufactured and marketed the first headrest product as its original car accessory when it started out.
In the present day, the head restraint system is mandatory in all cars to ensure safety.

A while ago, we turned our attention to the top covers of our roof box products, which had been manually operated.
"They can be electrically operated."
"Such electric operation will greatly ease our users, who generally have to handle a lot of stuff up and down, in and out of a roof box mounted high on their vehicle."
Even more so if they have to hold luggage while operating.
The products we have launched so far were incubated with a simple remark to ourselves, "We wish we had a car accessory like this."
These were created as convenient accessories, the ones you can do without if absolutely necessary.
But in no time, they become industry standards or must have items, which are indispensable to safer, more convenient or more enjoyable vehicle operation.
It is the spirit of INNOvation and foresight of Car Mate.
We are convinced that this idea of an electric roof box app will be considered a future standard feature for all roof box products.