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INNO with New PRIUS!

January 17, 2011

The Prius has been the center of attention since TOYOTA has unveiled new vehicles for Prius family.
That is 2012 when Prius become Priuses.

Meanwhile, let us introduce our new Prius just arrived yesterday!

The Prius is impressive, we already love this brilliant compact car, it is just as cool as the Prius we expect, but we need to figure out to put surfboards and snowboards in the car.

Probably, the roofbox is the best solution, but which one?

INNO has bunch of boxes, big, small, wide, short, collapsible...
The one has to be perfect for the high performance vehicle like Prius.

Here is our choice!
BRA580 Low Down Cruiser!
BRA580 Black / BRA580 Silver Metallic 

"Sleek and practical low profile design for a quiet ride & better fuel economy"
Does it sound good for our fine eco-car?

BRA580 (BRA580 Black / BRA580 Silver Metallic) is slim yet surprisingly big capacity!
2 surfboards, 8 pair of skis or 4 snowboards fit in the box.
Put your surfboards and let's go drive for beach!

Our BRA580 is the BEST for Prius or similar vehicles like HONDA hybrid Civic.  The sleek low profile design won't reduce fuel economy performance of eco cars.  Try and love it!!

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